Kickstarter Bonuses

Thank you again for supporting me on Kickstarter and helping create the book Russian Optimism.

If you could write a review on Amazon, I’d really appreciate it.

Here’s a few additional thank you deals and goodies:

  • When you use Paypal to buy more copies of the book, Ben will sign it. Please write “Kickstarter Supporter”  in the instructions/referrer field of Paypal
    (or use this for international orders)
  • You can download the pdf of the book here
  • You can get the audiobook here
  • Russian Optimism Easter Eggs and Fun Facts
  • Buy 3 Copies of Russian Optimism for $50 (save $10) – Buy Here
    (use this for international orders)
  • If three of your friends order the book and put your name in the instructions/referrer field, I’ll send you an additional copy of the book for free
  • If you enjoyed my Neuro Comedy DVD (or don’t have a DVD player) you can download the mp3 version of the album here



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Thank you so much, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or compliments 🙂